The Last American Plantation: The People’s Department is an upcoming documentary production by Arts, Trade & Lifestyle Media Group, Inc, a metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia,  based company.  The documentary is about the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and it’s quietly kept discriminatory and retaliation practices towards minority farmers and employees corrupted by the “good ole’ boy” system, and leaders of the federal government that refuses to acknowledge the problem.

The main title of the documentary, “The Last American Plantation, refers to the long history of discrimination by the USDA and being referred to as the “Last Plantation,” and the subtitle, “The People’s Department,” refers to President Abraham Lincoln’s goal to establish a federal entity that helps American residents during the course of the reconstruction era to rebuild a better nation with resources to share as the people’s department.

A powerful narrative piece with history experts, activists, national journalists who has previously covered the topics along with the people that have personally endured the accounts of discrimination either as a farmer and/or as an employee of the USDA.  The documentary will show the real profiles of African-American farmers who have lost millions in farming operations due to deceiving and underhanded swindling tactics by local state offices of the USDA, and also the profiles of lower level USDA employees who have been discriminated against and not only currently fighting a battle with the USDA, but the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) who are backlogging their cases to the point that they are virtually lost.

The documentary is non-bias and will also explore the accusations of advocates such as Shirley Sherrod and John Boyd pocketing from government grants at the expense of struggling farmers; civil rights activist such as Al Sharpton (National Action Network), Hillary Shelton (National Association Advancement of Color People), Bernard Simelton (Alabama NAACP Director) and Marcia Fudge (President of the Congressional Black Caucus) are giving these farmers the cold shoulder and delaying decisions to assist them with constant excuses; the federal government refusing to take an active role and penalizing those being held responsible for cost taxpayers billions of dollars (Pigford I & II) with well documented paperwork that no other journalist and/or media group has access to.


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